Services & Fees

Services & pricing

It is important that you trust the person you will talk to. To see if you feel comfortable working with me, we would organise an initial consultation where we review your reasons, concerns and hopes to see what is relevant for you at this time. If we decide to continue we can then arrange further sessions.

Face-to-face sessions

Consultations are on Tuesday in Newmarket and on Wednesday in Cambridge.

At home consultations available.

Payment in cash, cheque or by electronic transfer.

Online & Telephone sessions

Remote sessions may be suited to your needs – you may live abroad, have a busy life or feel too anxious to meet face-to-face. Please note that these sessions would only be beneficial if you are able to create a quiet and private environment for sessions.

Consultations are on Thursday, Friday & Saturday morning.

For adult and adolescent individual sessions only.

Payment by electronic transfer.


Counselling and psychotherapy

Initial consultation (excluding organisations) £40 (50 minutes)
Individual session


£60 (50 minutes)


Couple session £70 (50 minutes)
Family session £80 (1 hour)
At home consultation To be discussed

A few concessions are available particularly for people on benefits. In these circumstances, we will discuss and decide a fee schedule together.

Coaching and skill assessment

Initial consultation (excluding organisations) £40 (1 hour)
Individual session


£60 (1 hour)

£80 (1 hour)

Professional assessment £90 (1 hour)
Student assessment £80 (1 hour)