What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps you see clearly where you are today and find ways to move forward towards your goals by focusing on the ‘here and now’. It is driven by the belief that people always have the answer to their own problems but that they need a facilitator to help them find their own answer.

Counselling and coaching often overlap, especially with the development of shorter-term and more focused therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Both will help you create a personal and professional life and relationships you feel better about; however, a coach will neither help you deal with your mental health or issues which are too emotional nor explore your past experience.

Like in therapy, we would meet for an initial consultation where we review your reasons, concerns and hopes to see what is relevant for you at this time. Then I would send you a programme setting goals, milestones and a number of sessions, which would constitute our contract if you choose to work with me. Coaching is active, solution-focused and pragmatic, which means we allocate you enough time in-between sessions to practice and reflect by doing some homework. At each session we review what has been experienced and learnt before moving forward. After the ending session, I send you a report of the whole process highlighting your achievements as well as your possible areas of improvement.

Why consulting at Change Counselling & Psychotherapy?

I offer bespoke individual sessions as well as career and studies-focused programmes.

  • Individual coaching

    I can support you if you are currently experiencing any sort of issues with your work such as redundancy, burn-out, harassment, conflict, lack of confidence, skill development, management, leadership and team building difficulties. I can also help you find out and build on your resources as well as encourage you to achieve a personal or professional goal you have set.

  • Career Assessment Programme

    If you are at a turning point of your career, feeling lost and not knowing what your next step should be or wanting to redefine yourself professionally, you may find this six-session programme (in addition to the exploratory session) to be beneficial. We would first extensively examine and reflect upon all of your training, work experience and hobbies to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, your professional, personal and interpersonal values, your likes and dislikes. Skills and personality tests will help us get to know yourself better. Then we would move toward shaping a professional project that reflects your personality and what matters to you at the time. This programme is intensive and requires a real commitment. We generally space out the sessions of 3 weeks to allow you to process each step.

  • Student Assessment Programme

    If you are a young person or a student and feel unsure about your choice of studies or of a career, this six-session (in addition to the exploratory session) programme may well suit you. It is based on the same principles as the Career Assessment Programme but adapted to the concerns of your age, which mainly are that identity is very much a work-in-progress, that your work experience may be very little or non-existent and that you often financially and emotionally still depend on your family. The aim of the programme is to help you discover who you are -at least at that stage-, project yourself in the future, identify and build on your soft skills, choose something which is adapted to you and help you communicate about it.